Faculty Showcase Videos

Thirty-five STEM faculty from UC Irvine, San Jose State University, and Cal Poly Pomona demonstrated how mastery learning & specifications grading boosts students’ growth mindset and enhances their learning experience in the Teaching Experiment Academy (TEA) Summit on April 28 & 29, 2022.

UC Irvine

Veronica Berrocal – Statistics

Revising An Upper-Level Undergraduate Statistics Course Using Specifications Grading

Natascha Buswell – Engineering

Using Specifications Grading to Shift the Focus from Learning the Content to Learning in Context

David Copp – Engineering

Using Specifications Grading To Better Align Assessments With Learning Objectives In Engineering Design Project Courses

Christopher Davis – Mathematics

Canvas Tips for Specifications Grading

Michelle Digman – Engineering

Implementing Specification Grading and Mastery Learning for Photomedicine

Franklin Dollar – Physics & Astronomy

Specifications Grading In A Large Lecture, Introductory Physics Class

Aimee Edinger – Biology

Working Towards Mastery Grading In An Intro Biology Course

Celia Faiola – Biology

Teaching Ecology and Evolution with Specifications Grading

Alfredo Freites – Chemistry

Implementing Specifications Grading in a Mathematics and Scientific Computing for Chemistry Course

Irene Gassko – Computer Sciences

On A Way To Specification Grading

Patrick Hong – Engineering

Aligning Course Design To Help Students Develop A Growth Mindset, Grit, And Agency Using Specification Grading Leveraging The Canvas Learning Management System


David Kirkby – Physics & Astronomy

First Steps in Specs Grading for Upper Division Physics

Rachel Martin & Jessica Kelz – Chemistry

Implementation of Specifications Grading in Upper-Division Chemical Biology Course

Michael Ratz – Physics & Astronomy

Specification Grading Light

Jon-Erik Tateri – Engineering

Creating a Happy Medium Between Traditional and Specifications Grading


Laura Tucker – Physics & Astronomy

Using Specifications Grading With Mastery Quizzes And Other Alternatives

San José State University

Brian Andrade – Engineering

Upper-Division Aerodynamics Labs and Specifications Grading

Jodie Clark – Meteorology

 Implementing Mastery Learning Outcomes and Specifications Grading in an Online Asynchronous GE Science Course

Burford Furman – Engineering

Specs/Mastery Synthesis for ME-EE 106 Fundamentals of Mechatronics

Gerasimos Kontos – Engineering

Specifications Grading Implementation for Special Topics in Aerospace Engineering (AE297)

Kaikai Liu – Engineering

Specification Grading For Data Mining Programming Tasks

Tony Pan – Engineering

My Experience in Learning and Implementing Specification Grading

Yazdan P. Razi – Engineering

 Some Comments On Specifications Grading: Application Of The Method In A Mathematical Context

Carlos Rojas – Engineering

 Applying Mastery Grading to a Software Engineering

Navrati Saxena – Computer Science

Implementing Specifications Grading System: My Journey So Far

Mojtaba Sharifi – Engineering

Specs/Mastery Synthesis for ME-EE 106 Fundamentals of Mechatronics

Shreeyukta Singh – Chemistry

Specific Grading in Chemistry Lab

Mahima Agumbe Suresh – Engineering

Specifications Grading Implementation for the Undergraduate Computer Networks Course

Igor Tyukhov – Engineering

Introduction Rubrics To “Energytainment” Thermal Engineering Lab And Energy Engineering Courses

David Wagner – Engineering

 Specifications Grading in a Chemical Engineering Capstone Course

Mike Wu – Computer Science

Applying Specifications Grading to a Database Design and Project class and How It Matches to Course Learning Outcomes

Cal Poly Pomona

Berit Givens – Mathematics

Building a Reasonable List of Outcomes to Assess: A Case Study

Karina Novoa – Mathematics

An Overview (With Examples) Of Implementing Sbg In An Introductory Statistics Course

Greg Placencia – Engineering

Developing and Implementing a Specifications Grading System for Human Factors Engineering and Engineering Economics Courses