Growth Mindset

Skills Improvement and Intelligence Development

STEM education is being transformed by a combination of pedagogical innovations and emerging technologies. Encouraging STEM faculty to successfully engage students, particularly students from underrepresented and minoritized groups, with the goal of helping them improve academic outcomes, is critical to this transformation. Key to successful engagement and teaching in STEM is fostering a growth mindset among faculty and students (Canning et al., 2019; Miller, 2015).

What is a Growth Mindset?

The concept of a “growth mindset” was developed by Dr. Carol Dweck. The practice of a growth mindset means that people have the ability to overcome obstacles and gradually learn. For example, when one struggles with grasping a certain subject and faces challenges, an individual with a growth mindset would be able to tackle any given difficulties to improve their skills. Not only does having a growth mindset improve skills, but it also builds intelligence because it shapes people’s learning experience and allows them to focus on the process of improvement.


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